3 Most Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

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There are times when you know exactly what caused that pain in your shoulder like someone bumped hard into you during a rough game of Rugby in the afternoon and you felt it before dinner at night. There are times when you wake up in the morning, felt that stiffness but aren’t quite sure where this came from.

There are times when you do absolutely nothing, maybe a rub here and there every now and then and the pain goes away on its own. There are times when you pop a pill then it’s gone a few minutes later.

But there are times when you need to consult with an expert in Top physio in Prahran already because it has bothered you for weeks or, worse, has incapacitated you from doing your everyday chores.

What Causes Shoulder Pain?

This is one of the first questions which a physiotherapist will ask you when you do visit them because of your shoulder pain. It is so important since they will be able to figure out the right mode of treatment based on the cause. The existence of shoulder pain comes with a number of reasons. Depending on the cause, the physiotherapist will be able determine what method of treatment is best to treat the problem.

You should understand that pain and discomfort can be experienced during the treatment process however, physiotherapist will ensure that these fall within the boundaries of your tolerance to pain. From the onset of therapy up to the last session, you will experience healing and cure the pain gradually disappears. For as long as you are compliant to therapist’s advice, treatment can possibly take a shorter time frame.

Once they have an idea what went on before the symptoms arose, they will be able to figure out what anatomic part of the shoulder was affected. Here are examples of shoulder issues and their corresponding remedies:

Rotator Cuff

Due to: Overhead throwing, swimming, lifting

The Inconvenience:

When left untreated, it could lead to: Tendonitis or the inflammation of tendons, Bursitis or the inflammation of the shoulder bursa, muscle tears

The Remedy:

Application of cold packs three to four times a day is useful. NSAIDs like Naproxen and Ibuprofen can help. Massage treatment and physical therapy as carried out by a specialist will get rid of the pain most effectively.  In here, you must ensure to complete the given therapy sessions required to be able to reach full recovery.

Frozen Shoulder

Due to: Unknown, but usually arises after an injury or a post-surgical symptom

The Inconvenience:

The pain could last for months, graded very high during the first few weeks then gradually diminishes as the days go by.

The Remedy:

Pain relief is the number one goal during the early stage of the injury. Decreasing the inflammation is important too. Physical therapy is required to alleviate the pain through a number of sessions within a month.

Dislocated Shoulder

Due to: Here, the ball of the shoulder slipped out of its socket, usually due to sports injuries. It is quite similar to Separated Shoulder wherein the ligaments holding the collarbone and the shoulder are torn.

The Inconvenience:

You will need to go to the emergency room and have this fixed by the doctor. For the latter condition, a sling might have to be worn for a month.

The Remedy:

Immobilizing the shoulder is the first aid for this. Bringing them to the hospital is a must because no one else can really deal with this condition but a doctor. An orthopedic is a specialist who deals dislocated bone problem and various fracture issues. Hence, he or she is the best person to search in a hospital ER. Physical therapy comes after the treatment and this is usually recommended by the physician-in-charge.

Those are only some of the most common causes of Shoulder Pain. There are several others. As mentioned, there are times when an ice pack and a pain killer will do the job to ease the pain and there are instances wherein the experts should be consulted immediately.

Whatever it is, once the first aid remedy has been administered, it is essential that the patient undergoes physiotherapy. This won’t just get rid of the symptoms completely, it will also help restore the optimal functioning of the affected body part.

Microdermabrasion: An Overview

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The skin is the largest organ in the body comprising twenty percent of the total body weight. Its main function is to protect the internal organs from the entry of foreign matters such as germs and bacteria. Knowing the importance of the skin’s role to the body, it is essential to practice skin care apart from the regular cleaning routine. One way of keeping the skin soft, smooth and flawless is microdermabrasion. This method can be done at home using over-the counter skin care products however, the results are not as excellent as compared to the application of a specialist. Hence, it is best have to have it done in a dermatology clinic and performed by an expert.

There are numerous skin treatments that are being used by women today to have more beautiful and smoother skin. While some settle for traditional means of skin care, there are many people, some are men but more often women, turn to modern medical procedures to get the end result they want to achieve. Although this poses some dangers to having side effects, no one can deny that this method has quite become more popular today.

If you find interest in trying this type of skin regimen, it is best to know how it works, what risks are involved and how much does it cost.

What is Microdermabrasion?

The term microdermabrasion is generally known as the process of dispersing ultra-tiny rough grains onto to the skin, particularly the face, to rub away layers of dry skin. In here, new skin cells regenerate as they move forward towards the surface over a period of time. This paves the way to achieving fresher skin layer which is thought to be softer, fairer and healthier in nature.

While procedure is usually performed on the face, it can also carried on other parts of the body such as the chest, back, arms, legs and hands. As of now, there are lots of products and treatments that make use of this technique. It can be a part of a medical procedure or a salon service.

How Does It Work?

Applying lotions and creams are not as effective as micro-dermabrasion treatment because of this simple fact. Most of the problems concerning your skin, such as blemishes and wrinkle lines emanate from a certain part of your body’s covering, known as ‘stratum corneum’. While some of the ingredients of products that you apply to your skin reach this particular part, their levels are too low to make a difference. This is where microdermabrasion becomes advantageous because the grains that are used in this technique can reach as deep as the particular area that is home to skin problems. Because of this, minor skin flaws such as those mentioned are corrected and your body’s “protective layer” becomes more beautiful in appearance.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

By far, the proponents of this non-surgical procedure have not disclosed any side effects or dangers, although they encourage people who are considering undergoing this chemical-free and non-invasive method to disclose important results. This includes the presence of deep scars and active keloids and acnes (usually stage 3 and 4) to their skin. These conditions will disqualify a person to undergo the treatment as it may cause allergic reactions and other undesirable effects.


No specific amount of money that is required for microdermabrasion has been disclosed yet, although there are some factors that may determine how big or small the expenses will be. For instance, people who are required to undergo more than one sessions are expected to pay more as compared to those who needs only one treatment. The fees for the physician who will oversee the procedure can also vary so it is advised that people looking forward to undergo this method of skin care should prepare ample amount of money.


With microdermabrasion, you are provided with a safe technique to deal with minor and even some major skin problems that continually bother you like acne, wrinkles, blemishes and many more. You will not have to deal with various chemicals or will be undergoing any form of minor surgery as this procedure does not require any of those. This might just be the kind of solution you have been waiting for to finally have the kind of skin glow and softness that you have always wanted.

What You Can Expect From Health Tips

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You’ve the right on whatever facet of life-you are studying on to determine your objectives. Therefore, it’s the situation when you’re looking to get the easiest way you are able to deal inside your common life with the demands of health. There are many assets that guarantee you health and you’ll have the ability to have this sort of health.

The different guidelines that are offered on health might assist you in just about all facets of health which you might think about. You may be sure they would be found by you up and really genuine to-date.

Health strategies for beauty

If you should be not ill and whatever you have an interest in would be to improve elegance or your looks, you’d need to find a very good guidelines that will assist you to possess the perfect beauty you want. The guidelines continue to be readily available for free. They’ll assist you in even cosmetic and terms of form and hair and skin beauty.

Health strategies for weight loss

The type of tips which you might get might even be referred to as health guidelines if you want to lose excess weight. You’d be balanced if you have the perfect weight and that’s why, you have to think about the guidelines acutely. When possible, it’s best that you simply make use them of all.