My First Apartment Purchase Journey

Apartment UnitThere are many negative remarks on owning and living in an apartment, most especially if a person is accustomed living in a house. But if one deems himself/herself more fit to live in an apartment, Chilli Realty can provide a property that can cater to the preferences and requirements of the buyer.

Initially, it took me quite some time to settle buying for an apartment from Chilli Realty. My first dilemma was regarding space. Since apartments are generally smaller than majority of the houses, I realized I had to compromise my choice of furniture so it wouldn’t be crowded and constricting inside. Plus, I also had to say good bye to the luxury of walking in the garden every morning and having a vegetation project. Besides the floor area, the idea of nosy and noisy neighbours frightens me. Since some apartments only leases one floor, I knew that I had to deal with the other tenants living around. Knowing that conversations may be heard by others might need some getting used to. Likewise, I was aware that some landlords restrict total renovations, which means that incorporating my personal taste or design might be limited. Changing of lay-outs and installation of fixtures are two of the most common restrictions one can take on. Remember that one should also consider the exterior of the flat he/she is purchasing. If the property has no allocated parking space, an additional expense is for the parking of your automobile.

However, I believe that buying an apartment in the city would be a rewarding property investment for beginners like meDespite the many cons, having an apartment can also be profitable as long as you pick the right flat in the right community. There are numerous strong points if one chooses to acquire one. First is the average cost of buying and maintaining houses. Since you’d be sharing a place with your neighbors, a major damage in leaking, for example, would require all the tenants to split the bill. Plus, electric and water charges are likely to be lower than owning a house. Of course, location is a big factor in the specifications of many buyers like me. Normally, apartments are situated in the center of commercial districts. One can find it very convenient to walk to a grocery, restaurant, hospital, park, or school nearby. Living in a premium suburb makes every place accessible to the resident. 

Once decided, I first picked the directory for local realtors and fortunately, I was accommodated by Chilli Realty. Admitting that I had less knowledge on the market offers and apartment options, I grabbed this opportunity to be closer to securing a good apartment place. I already made a list of the ideal property I had in mind so that it would be easier for me to communicate what I want. Moreover, it served as a reference for my agent. From the very beginning, I realized it was important to make the budget clear. Afterwards, my agent already narrowed down our options for easier ocular inspections. 

I was very pleased with how professional and understanding my agent was. I was given expert judgement in choosing my dream home. I was given the apartment in a prime location, near to a school, park, and the lane of restaurants. There were many brochures and floor plans mailed to me and we discussed each prospect.  At first, I declined the choices presented from the suburbs, but with the help of my agent who was very skilled in negotiating, we were able to secure the property at a discounted rate and with an affordable payment scheme. I just needed to settle the 10{f763e5cb011dd30ab650eda84ccbad80c6a8c064438d7abd232f5c6046a8e9c3} downpayment and the subsequent deposits were to last for 24 months. It is definitely a blessing hiring a realtor with good and established relationships with the developers in town. Because of this, we were able to get deductions from other fees needed to be paid. 

My consultant was also very attentive to the details and made sure that all my specifications were met. Not only that, all my endless lists of questions and requests were patiently entertained and answered. Everything was discussed – from the tiles, to the heaters, to the furniture. I was also given recommendations on what service providers I can call to regarding the installation and redecoration processes that needed attention. 

I am definitely more than pleased with my apartment purchase. My realtor exhibited excellent customer care and delivered me the home that suit my taste and fit my budget. I was informed daily of schedules, discounts, and recommendations. We also had the pleasure of meeting my future neighbours during one of our visits. We were briefed about the community and they also answered some of our concerns. I am grateful for hiring an expert because it really led me to the apartment of my choice. If I was able to attain this long-time dream of mine, you too can achieve yours. Just make sure you deal with a right and reliable realtor.

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