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An Introduction to Cupping Therapy

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Ever wondered why some people have some strange marks on their back? Even during the recent Olympics, some people were surprised to see some round red things on the backs of well-known athletes. Well, I was also curious in the beginning so I began to read about it. Some questions crossed my mind like, will this improve my health? will this help remove my body aches? and so forth.

I learned that these were from undergoing cupping therapy, a traditional Chinese practice where suction is used to get rid of toxins. It is a form of deep tissue massage, which is great for those who are very active or have a lot of stiffness on their backs due to heavy lifting or stress. As an athlete myself, I became interested enough to see how it can benefit me. 

To try it out, I made an appointment at a cupping therapy clinic in Geelong. To prepare myself for the visit, I oriented myself on this practice to know what to expect. First of all, why do you end up with those marks on your back? I learned that this is because glasses create a partial vacuum through using heat or suction. The cup is left for a few minutes, so blood stasis forms and leaves the red round spots. Although it might look painful, it actually promotes healing in the area.

How do I benefit from this therapy? 

  1. Help Deal with Pain

The most common symptom that brings us to the massage clinic or other similar therapies is back pain. One of the causes of that throbbing in your back is the restriction of fascia or connective tissue. These tissues coat, connect and support muscles, bone, skin, tendons, and organs. They also work to reduce vibration within the muscles and other soft tissues when in motion. It becomes tight when it gets stuck to the muscle above or below it. It can then reduce the blood supply to your muscle. Because it is unlike muscle, the use of massage or trigger point therapy has little effect on restricted fascia. On the other hand, cupping can reduce aching and make it more flexible again. 

  1. Improve the Flow of Energy in the Body

Cupping therapy is a way to open your body’s “meridians”, which are conduits in the body. This is where energy flows to the different organs and tissue of the body. On our backs, there are 5 of these meridians. When they are opened, they allow invigorating energy to be able to travel all over your body. 

  1. Release Toxins

It has been discovered that cupping can affect your body for up to 4 inches, reaching tissues. This can activate the lymphatic system and the release of toxins. At the same time, blockages in your colon are cleared, as well as your veins and arteries. 

Your skin benefits as well because cupping activates it, clearing any stretch marks and even improve your varicose veins. In fact, your skin temperature will also rise and promote metabolism to improve sweat function.

  1. Promoting Blood Flow

As cupping drains stagnant blood, as well as toxins and lymph, fresh blood and nutrients flow to these tissues. 

  1. Treat Various Conditions

There are a few diseases or symptoms that can be improved by going for a session. This can include colds and lung infections. Even problems with internal organs are addressed, because of the better blood flow and the release of toxins.

  1. Increase Range of Movement

Because it addresses tightness of tissue, you can improve on your flexibility. At the same time, cupping activates muscle spindle reflexes which will relax contracted tissues. Even synovial fluids are secreted that will relieve the stiffness in the joints. In all, you will be able to move easier and better, and without any pain.

  1. Other Advantages

Cupping has also been said to reduce cellulite in the body.

These benefits are supported by results of various researches, proving the effectiveness of cupping therapy. Realizing these benefits made me surprised and excited to go through my first experience.

What to expect?

Your session will actually be comprised of massage and cupping. The suction itself can vary depending on the area of the body where you had the cupping and what symptoms you have. Redder marks can be said to happen when there is more tightness in the muscles or fascia. The massage and the suction will produce both stimulating and sedating effects in the skin where you had the treatment.

After my treatment, I felt much better, with less feeling of tightness on my back and usual parts of my body that are stiff after practicing my sport. In fact, I had just joined the millions of people who have, over centuries, experienced relief after a session of cupping. Its continued popularity and the many fans out there, like me, are a testament to its advantages. So if you are looking for experiencing some pain and want to find a way to feel better, go and try out this therapy!

Keeping Oneself Healthy and Fit at the Workplace

logisticsEmployees in the transport industry do not just have to endure long hours of driving and deal with heavy loads, they also have to accept the higher risks of health issues that are simply part of the job. Although these hazards are manageable and individuals can definitely maintain a good lifestyle, logistic companies still have to initiate programs to support their staff in staying fit for the job.

Not only do employers possibly have to deal with sick drivers, but there is also the possibility of not attracting new talent in this very critical business that brings goods to cities all over the country. This is why work health in transport industry is an issue that affects not just workers and bosses, but everyone else benefiting from these services.

Different aspects of the job bring peril to the employee:


Before delivering goods to other cities, they have to be loaded into the trucks and then afterward unloaded in their destination. Heavy lifting due to manual handling of goods can be the cause of numerous injuries. In fact, around 30 of accidents happen in this stage. Even when using equipment, improper use can be hazardous to individuals.


When one is on the road, there is, of course, the probability of getting into accidents. For those who are in this industry, who have to drive long hours and even through the night, they are even more in jeopardy. All it takes is sleepiness, lack of concentration and/or a bit of distraction to make them more susceptible to road crashes. What’s worse is, when a truck is huge and fully loaded, other vehicles do not stand a chance during impact.

Other than that, drivers who in these conditions also have to deal with health issues like obesity and diabetes. Lack of exercise is common to those who work at a desk for 8 hours, but those who have to sit in a cab for even longer suffer even more. Steering and stepping on the gas and/or brake do not qualify as an adequate physical activity. Partner that with very unhealthy eating and the risks go even higher. Those who have to drive through isolated roads or at odd times of the day will have no chance to control their nutritional intake. Fast food is the easiest and most convenient for them so they are in fact eating the worst kind of nourishment there is. 

Sleeplessness or odd patterns of rest can also take its toll on the body. This can impair an individual on the road, and also lead to possible chronic conditions later in life. High blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and possibility of stroke can be common for those who work in the industry. 

Because of the high probability of disease and accidents, logistic companies have also begun to promote practices to protect and support their staff. Not only do they keep their valuable employees healthy and fit to work, they also save thousands of dollars on doctors’ fees and other hospital bills. 

First of all, more frequent checks on worker’s well-being can catch illnesses before they get worse. Monitoring blood pressure, sugar levels, and general fitness can inform employers whether more intervention is needed.

Should the individual show signs of risk, companies can contract the services of professionals to support them. Fitness and diet experts can teach drivers how to make better eating choices while on the road, and exercise regimens that can be done on the road or despite unpredictable work schedules. Some even partner with gyms that can give their staff access any time of the day and in different cities or towns. Even incentives to stay fit can motivate employees to lose weight or stay at the peak of health. At the same time, those who receive such support from their bosses feel more valued and encouraged to avoid illness.

Proper training and education can also avoid dangers of handling injuries. Standards and protocols exist to make sure that hazards are minimized, and workers should be informed and monitored to ensure that they are being followed religiously. After all, one accident can mean the difference between disability and full mobility for someone. 

In a critical industry such as this, everyone has a stake in employees’ health. Not only can the continuous and timely delivery of goods be ensured, but also roads can be kept safe for both truckers and private vehicles. Awareness of the risks is one thing, but employers’ steps to reduce them are necessary. 

Staying healthy and keeping a job is a goal for everyone, including truck drivers and other logistic workers. They should not have to accept working in such hazardous situations, but they do the job that someone has to do. The least that transport companies can do is to continue and even broaden these programs in the near future.

Acupuncture for Fertility – Is it Safe?

acupuncture for pregnancy2Many couples, both men and women, are turning to the traditional Chinese medical practice of acupuncture to help them conceive and bring life into this world. Unfortunately, there are those who remain skeptic both about the effectiveness of acupuncture for fertility and about the safety profile of undergoing acupuncture for fertility. According to Elaine Hickman, the acupuncturist of Freedom Chinese Medicinethis most likely stems from the belief that the needles used in acupuncture will naturally bring pain and discomfort and can affect the different physiologic and hormonal processes associated with fertility. It is feared that acupuncture will only bring more harm than good.

But nothing could be farther from the truth.

The Freedom Chinese Medicine FB page has several very interesting interactions with its many followers sharing the safety profile of fertility acupuncture. It would seem that the unfounded fears of many individuals is largely attributed to the unusually long acupuncture needles used in the treatment. In many instances, they equate it with the needles used in syringes usually in the administration of certain types of medications as well as in drawing blood for diagnostic purposes. Most people think that if a very small needle from a syringe can be that painful, what more a needle that is more than 5 times longer than average? While it is understandable that people will naturally think it is painful, acupuncturists and their respective clients are doing everything they can to spread the word that acupuncture is not painful and that it is safe. The most people will experience is a very slight, almost negligible, pinprick. In some cases, a little tingling sensation has been reported as well as a dull ache.

Now, is fertility acupuncture safe?

If improving blood flow to the ovaries so that it will continue to aid in the maturation of egg cells is considered not safe, then perhaps the more appropriate question is would you rather take medications with plenty of proven side effects instead? Acupuncture is all natural. You are not introducing anything into the body. No chemicals. No substances. No nothing. What the acupuncturist is only inserting is some very fine surgically sterile needles that are meant to stimulate certain nerve endings in your body. If you have already experienced getting a therapeutic massage before, then the effect is almost similar to that. The only difference is that instead of indirect stimulation of the nerves by deep palpation, the acupuncturist directly stimulates the nerve endings with the acupuncture needle.

To understand which is actually safer, here is an example. Clomiphene citrate is the medication that is often given to women who have problems with fertility. The idea is for clomiphene to stimulate the release of an egg cell from the ovaries in a process called ovulation. This is the period of time that the woman has the highest chance of getting pregnant. However, it should be noted that clomiphene citrate commonly produces abnormal vaginal bleeding, headache, breast tenderness or even discomfort, as well as nausea and vomiting. In severe cases of clomiphene adverse reactions, shortness of breath, chest pain, seizures, and stroke have also been reported. The question now is, do you get these from acupuncture?

Abnormal vaginal bleeding can lead to anemia which can significantly weaken you making you feel easily fatigued. Breast tenderness or discomfort can further aggravate the already splitting headache that you may have. Prolonged nausea and vomiting will lead to fluid and electrolyte imbalances. You will have heart palpitations. You will feel dizzy. You will feel muscle aches and pain. Of course, your doctor will give you medications for these side effects. But these medications will bring another set of entirely different side effects. And you are asking if fertility acupuncture is safe?

Given that the acupuncture pinprick is painful to some, does it result to abnormal vaginal bleeding? Does it lead to seizures, chest pain, and stroke? Does it make breathing difficult?

Additionally, even if acupuncture is painful, without it, clomiphene will simply not work. Why? Because clomiphene forces the ovaries into releasing egg cells. The question is are these egg cells healthy enough to be fertilized? Sure they can be released by the ovaries but will it be fertilized by a sperm cell? Acupuncture addresses this by making sure the egg cell gets plenty of oxygen and nutrients for its development. Fertility acupuncture helps ensure that the egg cells are fully mature and very healthy even before they are fertilized.

Given all these information, it would be helpful to know the answer to this question – is fertility acupuncture safe? It is not only safe but is also a very effective way to help you get pregnant. There is no need to fret about any dangerous invasive procedure. When carried by a professional acupuncturist, expect positive results after a number of required sessions.

Cost of Mole Removal

The cost of mole removal will be determined whether it is seen as a cosmetic condition or a necessity. In case you have an inborn mole and you are bothered by it, you may have your insurance company to cover the removal cost for you provided that you can establish that it is disturbing you psychologically. Generally, the cost of the procedure from a dermatologist for a non-threatening mole that is removed for cosmetic purposes is more expensive and less likely to be covered by the insurance company compared to a mole that seems suspicious. Due to the rise in skin cancer, such as Melanoma, medical professionals are not taking risks with atypical moles.

If you have a mole in your body that you think that needs to be removed, make sure that your insurance firm will cover its cost. You may want to seek out the recommendation of your family physician who can refer you to a skin specialist or a plastic surgeon depending on your mole.

To start with, moles are of various kinds, which means the treatment is different from one type of mole to another. Skin moles are raised, flat, oval in shape and have different colors such as red, brown, black, etc. Not all mole has to be removed, although you should watch out for any irritation, growth or similar indications. If you notice any kind of symptoms, you will want to get the right diagnosis from a dermatologist in Below are a few basic guidelines that affects the cost of mole removal procedure.

Method of Removal

There are several treatment options designed for mole removal. There are surgical procedures such as excision, cryotherapy and laser therapy. There are also home remedies for this purpose. Of course, the cost is quite low if you are choosing home remedies. You may also opt for over the counter treatments. Laser is the least painful and costly among the surgical options. There is also less possibility that you get scars after treatment.

Number of Moles

The number of moles you want to be removed directly influences the cost of the treatment. You must carefully decide on which moles have to be removed. There are moles that are cancerous, which certainly requires treatment.

The Doctor You Pick

Surprisingly, your choice of doctor can also have an effect on the cost. The medical professional in the best clinic with the best staff may be the obvious pick, but it would likely come with a huge cost. It is a good idea to look around and ask for references from individuals who had been treated before and ask especially about their experience post-surgery. Where the doctor practices also has a big influence on the costs. Luxurious clinics in a big neighborhood usually do not come cheap.

Generally speaking, the cost of removal for cosmetic moles is higher than those for atypical moles that are performed by a dermatologist. This is mainly due to the insurance policy coverage. A mole that is considered to be life threatening is regarded as a necessity, which will quite possibly be covered by your insurance. A mole that is merely a cosmetic condition will be ideally removed by a plastic surgeon by means of lasers, which you may need to pay from your own pocket except when you can substantiate to the insurance company that it is somehow interfering with your life. This will likely cost you plenty of hard-earned money. If you would like get your insurance company to cover the mole removal, you should request for a psychiatrist and discuss exactly how your mole is having an effect on your life negatively. You may ask the psychiatrist to recommend the mole removal and have this treatment covered by the insurance firm.

If your mole is being removed for the reason that it is considered dangerous, then it is normally removed in the medical clinic by a dermatologist who will conduct a punch biopsy. The professional will then submit it to a laboratory for analysis to find out if there are cancer cells in your mole. Melanoma is the only cancer of the skin that is considered fatal. It is quite common for older people to acquire other kinds of skin cancer but are not harmful and are still removed by a doctor. Again, in most situations, the insurance will cover the expense of the procedure.

If you have no health insurance, then you will need to either pay for the entire cost of the removal with your own money or go to a clinic where they will remove the mole on your body. This often requires a waiting period, based on how harmful your mole is. The operation is basically the same, but you can expect to have a punch biopsy of any suspicious lesions. This usually leaves a small scar on the body.

Making Sense of Microdermabrasion Treatment for a Healthy Glowing Skin

microdermaMaintaining a healthy and glowing skin has always been what many continue to strive for. While there are a lot of methods that can bring back the life to your skin, from whitening products to anti-aging creams and laser treatments, perhaps one of the most promising procedures is microdermabrasionMany consider the procedure as largely useful in bringing out the best in individuals by giving their skin a fresh, new, and flawless look.

When compared to the use of chemical peels that uses harsh chemicals in ‘burning’ the topmost layer of the skin in order to reveal the fresher and newer layer underneath, microdermabrasion uses a significantly different method of exposing the new layers. It requires basic understanding of the functional anatomy of the skin as well as the abrasive materials that are contained in the microdermabrasion device. As such only qualified dermatology professionals can truly carry out a truly effective microdermabrasion treatment. Melbourne’s best microdermabrasion studio, for example, is staffed with duly recognized and well trained dermatologists to ensure you get the best skin treatment possible.

Stress and Environmental Factors and Their Effects on the Skin

In today’s stress-filled living conditions, it is inadvertent that the effects of stress and other environmental factors present themselves as a host of health conditions. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays without adequate skin protection or even faulty eating habits can lead to skin changes. Smoking has been shown to be particularly damaging to the skin.

Lest you can readily see what is happening inside your body, one of the earliest and most obvious signs of these stress effects can be found on the skin, the eyes, the nails, and the hair. So, you will see dark pigmentation, wrinkling and very fine lines, falling hair, dull nails, and skin that is dry and sometimes scaly. While you may not have all of these, it is important to note that stress and other factors are already wreaking havoc inside your body.

How Does Microdermabrasion Work?

You have to understand that the skin is technically composed of three layers. The outermost portion, the one you see and feel, is called the epidermis and contains five distinct layers one on top of the other. The middle portion of the skin is what is known as the dermis and is actually the ‘skin’. It contains nerve endings and blood vessels so that the different nutrients that you eat are brought to the different cells of the skin for them to grow and function more efficiently. The dermis also contains other cells needed for a host of other purposes. The innermost portion is what cushions the underlying structures from impact. It is composed of layers of fat aptly called subcutaneous tissue.

Unfortunately, the effects of stress greatly increase the rate of cellular turnover for the skin. So your skin naturally appears wrinkled and unevenly pigmented.

What microdermabrasion does is that it removes the topmost sub-layers of the epidermis. Remember there are five, the outermost layer of which is called the Stratum corneum. When microdermabrasion removes the Stratum corneum, you are left with the lower 4 sub-layers. The dermis will then have to stimulate the production of newer skin cells in the Stratum germinativum, the innermost layer of the 5-layer epidermis, to be pushed outward until it becomes 5 sub-layers again. Thus, the skin surface that replaced the sub-layer that was removed by microdermabrasion looks naturally fresher and brighter. This gives you flawless skin.

Is Microdermabrasion Right for You?

You need to understand that microdermabrasion is a very mild skin treatment procedure. So, if you already have sagging skin or even very deep skin creases or folds, it is often better to look elsewhere. Laser skin tightening, botox treatments, and face lift might be the things that you need.

Microdermabrasion therefore, is suitable for you if you are generally health and only have a few minor skin imperfections. It is also imperative that you have very realistic expectations about what the procedure can and cannot do for you.

If you have very fine lines, a few superficial wrinkles, sun damage, age spots, clogged pores, uneven pigmentation, minor scars, rosacea, skin texture problems, and acne, then you might benefit from the non-invasive effectiveness of microdermabrasion.

So, would you want to give microdermabrasion a try? Who knows it might boost your self-confidence a lot better once you see the effects? Value your skin and give it a treat once in a while. Microdermabrasion is a not-so-expensive treatment which you can avail every now and then. You don’t need to spend a lot of time in a clinic to complete this procedure because it can even done in as short as a lunch break. One important thing to note is that you have to take this procedure periodically according to specialists’ advice.

5 Awesome Ways to Live a Healthy Life

healthy lifestyleThe way we live today is far different a few decades or a millennium ago primarily due to the many advancements in science and technology. These have made our lives much simpler and more convenient. However, these have also affected our health in numerous ways particularly when we become too absorbed with the electronic devices for example and when we consume junk food instead of organic crops. These have resulted to habits that cause use serious health problems.

With these, it is a good idea to reflect and ponder about your habits and the way you live. Then, adopt ways that can make your life more meaningful and healthier. With this good blog about healthy tips, you’ll be able to live more healthily:

Eat Healthy and Delicious Food

You probably have heard the advice to eat a balanced diet more than a thousand times. Well, this is still true and will stay true forever. You really need to eat healthy food if you want to gain numerous health benefits. However, many find it hard to even try shifting from processed and convenient foods to healthy and organic fruits and vegetables. One major hindrance is the taste they got used to. This shouldn’t be a problem today anymore. There are now various ways to enjoy food without compromising its mineral and nutrient content.

There are now thousands of recipes available online that use organic vegetables and crops. For example, you can enjoy the same delicious fast food pizza using fresh pineapples, salmon, raisins and spinach but without the preservatives and other chemicals used to process ingredients. You may also consider super foods such as banana, avocado, oats, berries, green tea and others, which are already good for consumption on their own. They are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that improve the functions of your different body organs. These also make your skin look more glowing and younger.

Allot Time for Regular Workout

The very hectic schedules and demanding tasks that we have to attend to every day can be the major reasons why you may not have time for other worthwhile and helpful activities such as workout sessions. The truth is, the more tasks you need to accomplish the more need for you to exercise regularly.

Working out is not just about burning fats and feeling tired after every session. Workouts actually help in making you feel more comfortable about your body and relieving yourself of the stresses you acquired from work. It’s also a way to keep your immune strong to be able to last long during highly demanding tasks at work. Today, there are numerous workout programs that you can adopt. The women, for example, can enjoy a lot of benefits from Jolt of JNL – a widely popular fitness program for women.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

The body loses a lot of fluid when it is subjected to a lot of work. The different organs need it for them to function properly. Thus, you need to ensure that you supply your body with the right amount of fluids. Aside from water, it would be beneficial to consume fresh juice.

In recent years, there had been a buzz about the juicing diet. Basically, juicing is the extraction of fresh and pure juice from organic fruits and vegetables. The solid material are thrown or can be used for other purposes such as compost. What’s left is the concentrated juice that is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients essential to a healthy body and mind.

Don’t Deprive Yourself of Enough Sleep

Even if you eat healthy but doesn’t have a good sleep every night, the effects will soon be reflected on your body particularly in your skin. Lack of sleep makes the skin look older and haggard. So, ensure that you have a continuous sleep of at least eight hours.

Always Take a Break from Work

We don’t just work today so we can have a better future. We need to enjoy life every day. Though we don’t need to literally take a break from work every day, we’re doing our body, mind and spirit a favor if we also set regular vacation trips. This is one way to enjoy life, discover new things and a great way to keep the body healthy.

With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, healthy living is almost disregarded because of the harsh demands of this modern world. Although technology brings comfort to our lives, there are instances when stress becomes a threat to health. Good thing, there are health tips, as mentioned above, that can be practiced and help achieve the goal of wellness.

3 Most Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

There are times when you know exactly what caused that pain in your shoulder like someone bumped hard into you during a rough game of Rugby in the afternoon and you felt it before dinner at night. There are times when you wake up in the morning, felt that stiffness but aren’t quite sure where this came from.

There are times when you do absolutely nothing, maybe a rub here and there every now and then and the pain goes away on its own. There are times when you pop a pill then it’s gone a few minutes later.

But there are times when you need to consult with an expert in Top physio in Prahran already because it has bothered you for weeks or, worse, has incapacitated you from doing your everyday chores.

What Causes Shoulder Pain?

This is one of the first questions which a physiotherapist will ask you when you do visit them because of your shoulder pain. It is so important since they will be able to figure out the right mode of treatment based on the cause. The existence of shoulder pain comes with a number of reasons. Depending on the cause, the physiotherapist will be able determine what method of treatment is best to treat the problem.

You should understand that pain and discomfort can be experienced during the treatment process however, physiotherapist will ensure that these fall within the boundaries of your tolerance to pain. From the onset of therapy up to the last session, you will experience healing and cure the pain gradually disappears. For as long as you are compliant to therapist’s advice, treatment can possibly take a shorter time frame.

Once they have an idea what went on before the symptoms arose, they will be able to figure out what anatomic part of the shoulder was affected. Here are examples of shoulder issues and their corresponding remedies:

Rotator Cuff

Due to: Overhead throwing, swimming, lifting

The Inconvenience:

When left untreated, it could lead to: Tendonitis or the inflammation of tendons, Bursitis or the inflammation of the shoulder bursa, muscle tears

The Remedy:

Application of cold packs three to four times a day is useful. NSAIDs like Naproxen and Ibuprofen can help. Massage treatment and physical therapy as carried out by a specialist will get rid of the pain most effectively.  In here, you must ensure to complete the given therapy sessions required to be able to reach full recovery.

Frozen Shoulder

Due to: Unknown, but usually arises after an injury or a post-surgical symptom

The Inconvenience:

The pain could last for months, graded very high during the first few weeks then gradually diminishes as the days go by.

The Remedy:

Pain relief is the number one goal during the early stage of the injury. Decreasing the inflammation is important too. Physical therapy is required to alleviate the pain through a number of sessions within a month.

Dislocated Shoulder

Due to: Here, the ball of the shoulder slipped out of its socket, usually due to sports injuries. It is quite similar to Separated Shoulder wherein the ligaments holding the collarbone and the shoulder are torn.

The Inconvenience:

You will need to go to the emergency room and have this fixed by the doctor. For the latter condition, a sling might have to be worn for a month.

The Remedy:

Immobilizing the shoulder is the first aid for this. Bringing them to the hospital is a must because no one else can really deal with this condition but a doctor. An orthopedic is a specialist who deals dislocated bone problem and various fracture issues. Hence, he or she is the best person to search in a hospital ER. Physical therapy comes after the treatment and this is usually recommended by the physician-in-charge.

Those are only some of the most common causes of Shoulder Pain. There are several others. As mentioned, there are times when an ice pack and a pain killer will do the job to ease the pain and there are instances wherein the experts should be consulted immediately.

Whatever it is, once the first aid remedy has been administered, it is essential that the patient undergoes physiotherapy. This won’t just get rid of the symptoms completely, it will also help restore the optimal functioning of the affected body part.

Microdermabrasion: An Overview

The skin is the largest organ in the body comprising twenty percent of the total body weight. Its main function is to protect the internal organs from the entry of foreign matters such as germs and bacteria. Knowing the importance of the skin’s role to the body, it is essential to practice skin care apart from the regular cleaning routine. One way of keeping the skin soft, smooth and flawless is microdermabrasion. This method can be done at home using over-the counter skin care products however, the results are not as excellent as compared to the application of a specialist. Hence, it is best have to have it done in a dermatology clinic and performed by an expert.

There are numerous skin treatments that are being used by women today to have more beautiful and smoother skin. While some settle for traditional means of skin care, there are many people, some are men but more often women, turn to modern medical procedures to get the end result they want to achieve. Although this poses some dangers to having side effects, no one can deny that this method has quite become more popular today.

If you find interest in trying this type of skin regimen, it is best to know how it works, what risks are involved and how much does it cost.

What is Microdermabrasion?

The term microdermabrasion is generally known as the process of dispersing ultra-tiny rough grains onto to the skin, particularly the face, to rub away layers of dry skin. In here, new skin cells regenerate as they move forward towards the surface over a period of time. This paves the way to achieving fresher skin layer which is thought to be softer, fairer and healthier in nature.

While procedure is usually performed on the face, it can also carried on other parts of the body such as the chest, back, arms, legs and hands. As of now, there are lots of products and treatments that make use of this technique. It can be a part of a medical procedure or a salon service.

How Does It Work?

Applying lotions and creams are not as effective as micro-dermabrasion treatment because of this simple fact. Most of the problems concerning your skin, such as blemishes and wrinkle lines emanate from a certain part of your body’s covering, known as ‘stratum corneum’. While some of the ingredients of products that you apply to your skin reach this particular part, their levels are too low to make a difference. This is where microdermabrasion becomes advantageous because the grains that are used in this technique can reach as deep as the particular area that is home to skin problems. Because of this, minor skin flaws such as those mentioned are corrected and your body’s “protective layer” becomes more beautiful in appearance.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

By far, the proponents of this non-surgical procedure have not disclosed any side effects or dangers, although they encourage people who are considering undergoing this chemical-free and non-invasive method to disclose important results. This includes the presence of deep scars and active keloids and acnes (usually stage 3 and 4) to their skin. These conditions will disqualify a person to undergo the treatment as it may cause allergic reactions and other undesirable effects.


No specific amount of money that is required for microdermabrasion has been disclosed yet, although there are some factors that may determine how big or small the expenses will be. For instance, people who are required to undergo more than one sessions are expected to pay more as compared to those who needs only one treatment. The fees for the physician who will oversee the procedure can also vary so it is advised that people looking forward to undergo this method of skin care should prepare ample amount of money.


With microdermabrasion, you are provided with a safe technique to deal with minor and even some major skin problems that continually bother you like acne, wrinkles, blemishes and many more. You will not have to deal with various chemicals or will be undergoing any form of minor surgery as this procedure does not require any of those. This might just be the kind of solution you have been waiting for to finally have the kind of skin glow and softness that you have always wanted.

What You Can Expect From Health Tips

You’ve the right on whatever facet of life-you are studying on to determine your objectives. Therefore, it’s the situation when you’re looking to get the easiest way you are able to deal inside your common life with the demands of health. There are many assets that guarantee you health and you’ll have the ability to have this sort of health.

The different guidelines that are offered on health might assist you in just about all facets of health which you might think about. You may be sure they would be found by you up and really genuine to-date.

Health strategies for beauty

If you should be not ill and whatever you have an interest in would be to improve elegance or your looks, you’d need to find a very good guidelines that will assist you to possess the perfect beauty you want. The guidelines continue to be readily available for free. They’ll assist you in even cosmetic and terms of form and hair and skin beauty.

Health strategies for weight loss

The type of tips which you might get might even be referred to as health guidelines if you want to lose excess weight. You’d be balanced if you have the perfect weight and that’s why, you have to think about the guidelines acutely. When possible, it’s best that you simply make use them of all.

Daily Health Tips to Stay Fit Forever

Health must be the foremost and first concern of each person. Just like a healthy body just you are able to feel clean and lively constantly. Body and balanced mind boost your comfort to work better up. You can’t perform properly with no body.

Sustaining a great health isn’t whatsoever a simple work to complete. You have to take period out to concentrate in your health like by doing gym etc, exercises, correct diet.

You’ll find lots of sites on the web that keep you updated with everyday health guidelines. These sites supply you lots of details about to maintain the body fit-all the full time. You simply have to seek the web cautiously to seize best info that you may follow-on basis.

There are while you can several guidelines which can be helpful for one to maintain your wellbeing in tone that’s, beverage just as much water. Water makes up a lot of the body and mind. Therefore, it’s essential to keep moist and flush. Workout is lively and essential element or suggestion to maintain the body fit. The different kinds of bodily exercises produce power and freedom in the torso. You ought to eat. Greens and fruits would be the most significant meals to consume to maintain the body healthy. An effective diet program ought to be to supper that ought to have a healthy diet from breakfast.

Best Health Tips – Top Tips For Life Long Health

Greatest health guidelines are available because of the introduction of the web today, in variety. You will find results from where you are able to get these guidelines of online resources. The absolute quantity from where you are able to get these guidelines of resources can keep you confused. It’s fundamentally you who must decide which to prevent and on which ideas to use. Generally speaking, while there might be several greatest health guidelines, they almost all will want to one to make lifestyle modifications and certain nutritional to direct a healthier lifestyle.

Among the best guidelines as you are able to discover would be to eat right. In the end, we’re it is thus essential that you actively come to a decision to consume the best type of food and what we consume. Your diet plan must include vitamins, all of the important vitamins and minerals. You need to contain large portions of vegetables and fruit included in your diet plan. Likewise, you have to allow it to be a place to consume lots of water during the day to stay well-hydrated, that will be essential for being balanced. Although that which you consume is important, what you need to not consume can also be important. For instance, you have to prevent foods including coffee carbonated drinks, liquor and foods.

Training and the very best health guidelines move together. It’s essential that you stay glued to a normal regime although there are numerous various kinds of workouts to select from. To be able to maintain up your enthusiasm levels and never quit between, you may also attempt cross-instruction, whereby you are able to mix various kinds of exercises.

Health Tips For Healthy Eating

Your body requirements around 40 various vitamins to keep a healthy body. There’s not one food that may supply these nutrients to the body. Consequently, you have to eat a broad number of meals like fruits, greens, beef, seafood, chicken, protein- milk products abundant food and whole grain products. Follow a food guide chart along with health guidelines to assist you prepare your diet plan. Usually consider the diet facts described on food brands to unded wholegrains meals are incredibly essential for a sound body. You have to have about six to eleven portions of bakery grain, cereals and vegetables with three of these being wholegrains. In addition you have to eat about four portions of greens and around three portions of fruits. While you might not feel just like eating them in the beginning, you have to learn modern health hint dishes to create them pleasant and more delicious.

Keep your fat in a level. Your age peak, gender and genetics factors might decide your weight. When you have surplus fat within you, your likelihood of specific kinds of cancer, diabetes, swing, cardiovascular disease, and blood pressure might increase. Being not too thick would give rise to its share of troubles like osteoporosis for that aged and menstrual problems among medical issues, in females. Consult with with a registered nutritionist for health ideas to create great diet plan and learn how to manage your weight. Make sure to workout in the same period to manage your weight.