The Mirror of Beauty


The probe of human head has marked every inch of success but the art of drawing on parallels for what beauty is, has remained a great puzzle. For some philosophers, attractiveness is the level of admiration and attraction, triggered in an onlooker. But it’s contended that the same manner will not affect everyone. It changes drastically. A couple believe it has been defined by thanks as a measure of perfection, but perfection in a single field might not be of any interest to an onlooker. So attractiveness is very hard to describe completely, but nevertheless, it can be said it is a game of comparison. Imagine there’s just one girl on earth question is whether she’s not ugly or not. The response is that you can not say anything because you do not have another girl to compare with.

But sailing past the ocean of imagination, one understands that there’s a variable that determines the level of attractiveness, i.e. a private dictionary, which interprets the people and assigns measure of attractiveness. The sacred words of human history will powerfully proclaim that Juliet was a goddess for a Romeo and will peep out of the gale of truth rest, the particles of dust and a god for her. Heer to head entire their life together with few straws of love, and he for her, for ranjha was enough. But remember, if each of the fans of the world of the world are invited to a party to inquire who amongst all is the most amazing, they surely shall stamp the claim of attractiveness on the spirits and spirits of their particular love which really isn’t their narrowmindedness however a normal fact that ‘attractiveness can be found in the eyes of beholder’.

One day a great historian whispered in my ears a narrative…
‘once upon a time there was king so caring of attractiveness he called his most devoted and devoted negro slave and ordered him to go from east to west and from north to south and bring him such a paragon of beauty that neither moon would have grown with such splendors nor the oysters of ocean would have given birth to such brilliant pearls; neither women of heaven would have seemed so capturing not the preachers of attractiveness would have really been competent to give such bewitching example, neither any artist would have created such mind blowing portrait nor a poet from the depth of his imagination would have really been able to compose such riveting poetry; neither any dove would have its pinion soar such marvelously not the Aphrodite would have marked such superiority. And if I say for her that she’s the most amazing spirit God created, then the claimants of attractiveness should have said:’ we’re like lumps of coal in a mine and she a diamond among us.’ Thus, go my guy on whose torso medals of compliance that is certain are stamped and whose head crown of my religion rests, on whose shoulders stars of strong belief glow. Go and present me the beauty that observed and should be commended by the twinkling stars.’

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